Sirena’s Story

Dear lovely blog diary!
Finally I am back after a long break with my latest great all-consuming project ‘Sirenas’ story.It was my childhood dream to meet the people I worked with. The project was a difficult process…..The location was the ‘Stadtbad’ a former public swimming pool in Wedding, Berlin. I had to wait a long time till the location became available – almost three months! So I was happy when I finally got to the top of the list. One of my Photographer friends had told me not to wait for this location and to get on with the project as soon as possible so I could then do new projects. He thought I should find a new location but NO I didn’t want to get another location for my Arielle Project, cause I just felt bad about that idea. I wanted to stick to my original concept. I insisted firmly on this abandoned swimming Hall as a location and finally got what I wanted in October 2010. In collaboration with the model agency ”MOCCA” I got the project, the hand made
Mermaid fin in denim came from a Berlin designer called Nadine Schmugge.

I was overwhemed by the dedicated heart felt approach of this very supportive team. As the shooting approached I was very excited because on this day I was able to realise a childhood dream by working with Phil Jelenska a Top Model from Vienna who has modelled alongside the International Top Model River Viiperi for Details magazine with Kylie Minogue. Phils role was as a
modern prince Eric, Laura Jane from Mocca Agency embodied a mermaid. Alexander Soltermann a super hair stylist and Make up artist was responible for hair and Make up for both models, Rolando Kasper was there as co-assistant on set.

Everyone on set was so professional and worked with a lot of love and personal input. I had to work with some challenging conditions regarding lighting and had to play with the light from the
swimming hall. I had not anticipated this as I had had a different impression of the location as I had previously visited it before the shooting. I had the challenge of my life up on a diving board trying
to take a reference shot, panicking a bit from the height, arms whirring trying to balance and focus on my target. Nevertheless It all worked really well and the shooting went on til 8pm. In total we worked for eight hours. The shoot was a great session and a new chapter for me. It was a challenge that I and the whole team mastered well. I have a lot of respect for everyone involved and we all coped well with difficult circumstances that we had not been able to predict….we just had to deal with the situation as it developed! So…the images were in the box and the stress was over …. yeeeahhh! I am proud of the result and of our teamwork.

On this project I learned alot about making an editorial series…Just know that I will never take commercial pose pictures again. Phil Jelenska told me it was the start of a new chapter, a dimension
to learn in a photographers career. Regarding Berlin I was stressed, my energy was gone and I was sick of the cold greyness……It all came to boiling point and I just wanted to fly back to my family. Over Christmas I was reunited with my family which gave me so much energy and I felt a strength and power, like a rebirth. In late December I flew back to Berlin. 2010 had been a cruel and hard year in my life which was accompanied with a lot of patience, ambition, discipline and I fought hard to rise up again, on a rollercoaster of emotions. Now I have got the bit between my teeth and am continuing to move ahead….2010 was also a great experience for me with the new experiences I had through living in Berlin, a new life after leaving switzerland with nothing. I left my home with no guarantees for Berlin and It looks like it was a wise decision – Berlin is afer all an International Cultural

I hope you like my new work, feel free to give feedback on my latest project ”Sirenas Story” that would be cool….

xx Rimus