Berlin, the European New York

Finally. I’ve been living here in Berlin for 2 months and from time to time I feel like here in Berlin at home.Even if the people here are quite unreliable, I love to be surrounded by them as well as this atmosphere. And I’m proud that I can follow my passion here and in addition I feel like my minds are set free, talking and debating with people about art here in berlin, is something I unfortunately never could do it with Swiss people. Some weeks ago i had the oporunity to work together with Jonathan Agassi for an almost readed gay magazin, and therefore a great PR for RIMUS! And I cannot describe how I feel about  but i guess I’ve just fallen in love with you, BERLIN! Even if there aren’t any spectacular Skyscrapers. I’ve been adapting to the life in Berlin: THE NETWORKS here are very relevant for the people to build and develope the own abilities, if not or without connection we’re lost… such a simple thing, like in a ,, lost in translation-movie,,! I’m very thankful and glad to have ventured the step to come to this town and restart from 0, which i accomplished in Switzerland. I had the honour to work as an Art Photo Director at the Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash and I managed the operation with success- In a few weeks I’m starting a new project with Ulrich Dürr and for sure I will provide you with NEW infos! GREETINGS from Berlin, the town which never sleeps too!!