Up and Downs!

So, here I am. It’s time to give a sign of life and want to share my life to other people who are interested about my experiences.

It’s already 5 months and I am getting used to it to live in Berlin and I realize how much I love Berlin! The first 3 months were really hard for me and was not so settled. Especially I really missed my family and friends. I want to write this for my bf Ivan, I just want to tell you, that I really love you, and miss you terrible. Because I came with nothing to Berlin and I was really close to Ivan, therefore I thank you forever in my life that you  took care of me. I also want to tell you, that I am going to take care of you as well, and you also will get a career too, and will try to help you.I have chosen for my new project “determined” . The concept is, determined is really “Determined”, while I work as a photographer in Berlin and want to show that I can do it! My polish model Karolina Sz, was booked from Mocca Models Agentur and worked for my project.

I want to thank Rolano Kasper (modelbooker and owner of this agentur), Inez Henatsch the stylist, Julia Hauer in Make up artist and at last Karolina the model for our work, I really appreciate it!It was great to work with you guys, Rolando thanks for that, that you believe in my talent and that you want to assist me. I also thank Ivo for the equipment. The shooting with Karolina was 3 hours plus 2 hours delay. But Karolina, you did a great job, thank you!

At last, Paris blogged about my work-series “candyboy! And the Munich dancing-school bought my project “candyboy” for a flyer!  which I am proud of it!

This is one of my most successful project in my life, since I live in Berlin. I love my life in Berlin and hope that I am going to be more successful!